TidyGarage® is an expert in designing storage and organizational products that allow you to free up valuable floor space and make effective use of the walls and ceiling in your garage or basement.

TidyGarage®was founded in Windsor, Ontario, Canada in 1988. TidyGarage® is an exclusive manufacturer of garage storage products, garage storage solutions, and home organizing products.

All of our products are primarily manufactured in the United States, while some are designed and produced in Canada. Our products are made from heavy duty steel that’s powder coated and will last for a lifetime. TidyGarage® stands behind the quality of it’s products, by providing a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

If you can lift it . . . we can store it !

What Makes TidyGarage® Unique

TidyGarage® is a pioneer in providing garage storage solutions, having been in the business of garage storage for over twenty years, or since 1988. We were one of the first garage storage solution websites to promote our products online, establishing that web presence in 1999, more than ten years ago.

Our products are unique, made of durable and quality metal or steel, and provide a level of customization and efficiency that remains unchallenged in today’s market. No other garage storage company offers the kind of quality, security, and affordability that we do.

All of our products are guaranteed to last a lifetime, backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We will refund your money if you are not completely satisfied with any of our products.

Made in the USA and Canada

In today’s global economic climate, consumers are becoming more and more interested where products are made.

All of our products are made in North America. None of the materials used in our products are imported, all American and Canadian, engineered, manufactured and produced. You can be assured, you’re receiving high quality products.

Customization Solutions for any Garage

The garage over the years has evolved into more than just a space for your car and personal affects, it has become a room, attached to our house that we use, almost like any other place in the house.

They have become workshops, hobby spaces, work spaces, home offices, and many other things.

The garage has become even more important now, then ever before, to have it cleaned and organized, avoiding injury or damage to ourselves, others or personal belongings because of the increased level of activity and access.

TidyGarage® offers you a custom, affordable, solution to just about every storage circumstance.

Everyone’s garage is different, both in how they are used and how much space they have. Our products can be adapted to suit any garage environment, from tool organizers up to garage cabinets and overhead storage.

What ever your need, we have the solution!