Tool Organizers

 Video of our SureLock Tool Organizers in Action

TidyGarage SureLock HangAll Tool Organizers are more than just a device to hang tools. With its solid steel construction, compact design, and modularity, the SureLock Hangall can be mounted in just about any area of your home, work, or garage.

In fact, there are no limits to where the SureLock can be installed and mounted. Whether using the channel mount, or singles, you will find the SureLock will fit neatly, and seamlessly, into whatever environment you install it into.

Ideas For Installation of our Hanging Tool Organizers Are Limitless

There are so many places to consider installing our SureLock HangAll Tool Organizers, but we can think of a few you may, or may not have considered.

Your Home

  • The Garage
    Hang shovels, electrical cords, power tools, and more.
  • The Basement
    Paint brushes, cords, vacuums, and more.
  • The Laundry Room
    Cleaners, detergents, mops, brooms and more.
  • Tool/Garden Shed
    Weed trimmers, gloves, rakes, shovels and more.
  • Hall & Walk-In Closets
    Brooms and dust pans, vacuum cleaners, and so much more.

Your Work

  • Auto Mechanic/Garage/Repair Shop
    Move cleaners, accessories, tools, and other equipment off the floor of your workshop and work area. Keep your auto mechanics safe and organized, while protecting them from injury or damage to your equipment.
  • Landscaping
    Organize all of your lawn equipment in safe storage areas that will protect them from damage such as: trimmers, hand tools, gloves, rakes, blowers, extension cords and more.
  • Contracting and Construction
    Will all of the tools and equipment you use to maintain and execute your business operations, having a safe and organized work environment is paramount to your success.
  • Manufacturing Business
    Keep your workers organized by helping them maintain a safe working environment. Hang gloves and other cumbersome equipment, keeping them off the floor or lying around, safe from accidental damage or personal injury.